San Diego's Premiere Military Photographer - Morning Owl Fine Art Photography
​​​​​​​Morning Owl Fine Art Photography is a local lifestyle based photographer in San Diego, California. Morgan and Anthony pride themselves in documenting memories for San Diego's Military community. 
Within this website, you will find galleries with examples of our sessions for Military Homecomings and other events, Births, Newborns, Maternity, Portraits, and other lifestyle imagery. Enjoy!

About Morgan

I'm Morgan with of Morning Owl Fine Art Photography. ​​​​​​​

Photo by Cafenglist

​​​​​​​As a wife, mother, and creative I have always been busy with arts and crafts.
I started sewing at the age of 8, photography at the age of 10, ceramics at the age of 14 -and- the list keeps growing every day!
As a Sandiagan; I have been enjoying my time with family while my husband is home from his Military obligations and when I am  home from mine. 
In my spare time, I go to school for Accounting, take self portraits, drink coffee, and so much more​​​​​​​

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